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There are many different types of abortion. Abortions date back to 500 B.C. One of the first recorded abortions were for the royal men’s mistresses in China. Women who committed adultery often came to the conclusion of having an abortion. Egypt was also known to have one of the first known abortions. Christians approved abortions until the 18th to 19th centuries. Christians thought abortions were acceptable until the mother could feel the fetus kicking. The term for when the woman has reached this point in her pregnancy is called quickening (Nordqvist).
The American Journey The voyage across the Atlantic was a long and sometimes very dangerous journey. The puritans were set to make a migration to a land were they could practice their religious beliefs in peace. Their migration to this “New England” had a major impact on their religions future. In the beginning of the new colony the hardships they suffered only brought them closer to their religion. Only after the colony was finally well established the absence of these hardships proved to pull the religious community apart.
Mother's Pearls Around my mother’s neck was a necklace: a string of jaggedly spherical crystal beads. I don’t know why she chose that necklace for that night. Her sister’s wedding perhaps called for the touch of a family heirloom, or perhaps she simply liked the way it sat above her collarbone in a path of smooth stones. All the same, it was on this night that she chose to wear it — this favorite piece of hers — a gift from her late grandmother. On my mother’s lap I sat in a curl — no older than seven, with little patience for adults or conversation or wedding parties.

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In a small, flat world, society exists only within itself. The people preoccupied in their own universe simply cannot fathom a world outside their own. Some historians cite the first gleam of a true "American Dream" didn't surface until the first colonization. However, in three historical films, recreations of very early distinctions in the very first American dreams are exposed for their accuracies and their faults. The spirits that voyaged onward, heading for a land of riches and freedom, had many characteristics in common.
Original Writing The winter was reigning in full swing, freezing mercilessly everything in its way. It was the dead of night. The air was very still – the wind had veered to north and stopped suddenly, bringing clear skies with the clusters of celestial bodies in the everexpanding scenery of the universe.
He said to himself that she was too light and childish, too uncultivated and unreasoning, too provincial, to have reflected upon the ostracism or even to have perceived it. Then at other moments he believed that she carried about in her elegant and irresponsible organism a defiant, passionate, perfectly observant consciousness of the impression she produced. (43) The socialites in Daisy Miller's world aspire to a perfection, a nobility, and a superlative of character. But character is a misleading word; interiority is important only insofar as it reflects the assumed depths that come with an appearance of refinement, for the relationships in "Daisy Miller: A Study" are formed by observation, not by conversation.

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Interracial and Cross Cultural Dating of Generation Y Interracial romance has been an issue in the United States since the first English settlers established colonies during the seventeenth century. Over the years, views toward interracial relationships in America have changed greatly. The interracial dating trend among today’s teenagers is increasing at a steady rate (Grapes 49). However, there are still many biases facing GenY youth who choose to date someone of another race. A look at the history of interracial romance in the United States will shed light on today’s attitudes.
Set and Costume Design for A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare Elizabethans were extremely conscious of the parallels between human life and the natural world and I believe that the natural world, often perceived to be wellbalanced and harmonious is an example to the human world as similarly it can also suffer discord and unrest. Evidently, the woods demonstrate several factors as although a place of mystery, magic and action in which the fairies feel at home this contrasts with the dangerous, wild place in which humans feel threatened and lonely.
The Ways in Which Lian Hearn Develops the Theme of Personal Identity in Across the Nightingale Floor The book opens with the main character Tomasu having his whole village burned down by Lord Iida and the Tohan clan. This is due to the fact that his family and villagers are part of a small clan called the hidden. Tomasu then runs out into the mountains with Iida's men after him and comes across Lord Otori Shigeru who saves Tomasu' life. This is where Tomasu' identity develops a stage.

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It may not be a 1960s sexual revolution but Americans' attitudes toward sex have certainly taken a dramatic turn toward sexual irreverence. American culture has lost all sense of discretion. We have no boundaries or sense of anything being a private matter. After we cruised through the conservative 50’s; we chanted and swayed through the sexual revolution of the 60’s. But we didn’t stop there. Now we’re riding the fiber optic wave of immediate and impersonal selfgratification. American culture is getting more accepting of provocative messages and behavior with each passing decade.
Is Science Moving Too Quickly. Before when I heard the word science the first thing came to my mind was human cloning. However, recently I started thinking deeper toward this issue. Before, I thought everything about science is unnatural. Scientists are going against God and Human nature. After reading Bishop's and Rifkins's articles my view changed toward science completely. By comparing and contrasting these great scholars, science made more sense to me. In 1995 J. Michael Bishop wrote an article deploring the detractors of scientific advancement and exploration.
Recognition and Equality in The Color Purple The book, The Color Purple, by Alice Walker is a good example on how over the years women have been making remarkable strides towards achieving success, recognition and equality. From the day they began their closeness to each other, bringing unity in which they never quite used to get in progress of their high quality goal. Their particular goal was against greatest freedom of the man’s rights. It was hard to maintain due to them not be able to point to nonequality because they were treated like slaves.

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